Through a network of contacts with different types of companies in the industry, we plan to visit potential workplaces for doctoral students, such as mines, smelters, government agencies and analytical laboratories. In conclusion, we will hold four meetings during the first two years of the network. During each workshop, a specific theme is considered that is relevant to the doctoral students’ research and business, as well as for their future career. Possible thematic areas are:

1. Research collaboration : Common research interests, available laboratory equipment at Swedish university, exchange of expertise etc.

2. Everyday life as a doctoral student: Scientific publishing, supervision, courses, the scope of the doctoral student’s work, disputation etc.

3. Academic career: The Swedish academic system, research funding, potential collaborations infuture projects etc.

4. Industry career: Development of the labor market incl.equality issues, career opportunities atmining and exploration companies in Sweden and abroad, Career opportunities as a consultant and/or self-employed etc.

Within these potential themes, the doctoral students will have the opportunity to present their research projects as well as courses, equipment and laboratories located at their home university.

Cost of travel and accommodation for all participating doctoral students will be covered by Swedish Mining Innovation.