The first MINERS workshop was successfully held last June 4-5 2019 at the Quality Lapland Hotel, Gällivare, Sweden. Participants include PhD students from Luleå University of Technology, Stockholm University and Chalmers University.

The first workshop is aimed to introduce the network and its members. Tobias Kampmann presented the MINERS PhD network to its members. Afterwards, the members presented themselves and their research topics. The research projects presented by the members encompass the whole mining value chain, with participants coming from geology, geotechnical engineering, mining, mineral processing, metallurgy and social science research areas.

For the second part of the workshop, the group visited two of Europe’s largest mining operations – Boliden’s Aitik mine and LKAB Malmberget.

Research introduction and discussion within the network
Tour at Aitik Mine
Boliden’s first electric-powered trucks
Our project coordinator trying to drive Boliden’s electric trucks
A tour of Aitik’s processing plant
Getting ready to go underground to visit LKAB’s Malmberget mine
Enjoying Gällivare’s landscape

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