Ore Geology

Equipment Model/ Specification Contact Person E-mail
Photo scannerCanonLeslie Loganleslie.logan@ltu.se
Optical microscopeTobias Bauertobias.bauer@ltu.se
Rock sawTobias Bauer tobias.bauer@ltu.se
Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer (LA-ICPMS)NWR193 Nd:YAG iCAP Quad ICPMS Riia Chmielowski laser.lab@ltu.se
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)Merlin ZeissGlenn Barkglenn.bark@ltu.se
Carbon CoaterGlenn Bark glenn.bark@ltu.se
Portable XRFOlympus DeltaTobias Bauer tobias.bauer@ltu.se
HUGIN droneExplorianTobias Bauer tobias.bauer@ltu.se
MUNIN droneMavic ProTobias Bauer tobias.bauer@ltu.se
MagnetometerTobias Bauer tobias.bauer@ltu.se
Ruggedized iPad for field workAppleTobias Bauer tobias.bauer@ltu.se
Automated scanning optical microscope*Helen Thomashelen.thomas@ltu.se


Applied Geochemistry

Equipment Model/ Specification Contact Person E-Mail
pH meters and Eh metersThomas Aiglpsergerthomas.aiglsperger@ltu.se
Unisense equipment with microsensors Thomas Aiglpserger thomas.aiglsperger@ltu.se
Hand agate mill d =10 cm Thomas Aiglpserger thomas.aiglsperger@ltu.se
Contamination free testing sieves system of rings and one-way meshes Thomas Aiglpserger thomas.aiglsperger@ltu.se
Stereomicroscope with camera ZEISS Stereo V.8 Thomas Aiglpserger thomas.aiglsperger@ltu.se
Hydroseparation Laboratoryfor heavy minerals separation Thomas Aiglpserger thomas.aiglsperger@ltu.se
Multi-Collector ICP-MS**Thermo NEPTUNE Thomas Aiglpserger thomas.aiglsperger@ltu.se
Automated mineralogy FE-SEM *ZEISS Sigma 300 VP Thomas Aiglpserger thomas.aiglsperger@ltu.se
sample preparation lab *for polished thin and thick sections Thomas Aiglpserger thomas.aiglsperger@ltu.se

** located at ALS laboratory in Luleå

Mineral Processing

Equipment Model/ Specification Contact Person E-Mail
Optical microscopy with CCD cameraMehdi Parianmehdi.parian@ltu.se
Automatic polishing machine Mehdi Parian mehdi.parian@ltu.se
Carbon coater Mehdi Parian mehdi.parian@ltu.se
Laser diffraction particle size analyzerCILAS Mehdi Parian mehdi.parian@ltu.se
SEM-Merlin sample holders (different sizes) for multiple epoxy sample loading with Au, Cu standards on holder Mehdi Parian mehdi.parian@ltu.se
Epoxy preparation place with ventilation and some protection Mehdi Parian mehdi.parian@ltu.se
Metal Testing Sieves Mehdi Parian mehdi.parian@ltu.se
Agate mill Mehdi Parian mehdi.parian@ltu.se
Shutte Box for grinding Mehdi Parian mehdi.parian@ltu.se
Jaw crusher Mehdi Parian mehdi.parian@ltu.se
Ball and Rod mills Mehdi Parian mehdi.parian@ltu.se
Rotary and sample splitter at varying sizes Mehdi Parian mehdi.parian@ltu.se
Shaking table Mehdi Parian mehdi.parian@ltu.se
Flotation cells of varying sizesWEMCO, Outotec Mehdi Parian mehdi.parian@ltu.se
Jig Separator Mehdi Parian mehdi.parian@ltu.se
Magnetic SeparatorDavis Tube, Wet Low Intensity Magnetic Seprator (WLIMS) Mehdi Parian mehdi.parian@ltu.se
Spiral Mehdi Parian mehdi.parian@ltu.se
Electrostatic Separator Mehdi Parian mehdi.parian@ltu.se

Process Metallurgy

Equipment Model/ Specification Contact Person E-mail
Thermogravimetry/Differential Thermal Analysis (TG/DTA) Hesham Ahmedhesham.ahmed@ltu.se
Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP-OES) Britt-Louise Holmqvistbritt-louise.holmqvist@ltu.se
Heating microscope Fredrik Engströmfren@ltu.se
Optical microscope Hesham Ahmed hesham.ahmed@ltu.se
Isothermal calorimetry Fredrik Engström fren@ltu.se
Titration units Britt-Louise Holmqvist britt-louise.holmqvist@ltu.se
Coke Reactivity Index (CRI) and Coke Strength after Reaction (CSR). Hesham Ahmed hesham.ahmed@ltu.se
High temp Viscometer Fredrik Engström fren@ltu.se
Sample prep epoxy cast Fredrik Engström fren@ltu.se
EN 12457-2 Leaching test Fredrik Engström fren@ltu.se

Soil Mechanics

EquipmentModel/ SpecificationContact PersonE-mail
Proctor compaction machineQi Jiaqi.jia@ltu.se
Constant load stepwise oedometer apparatus Qi Jia qi.jia@ltu.se
Uniaxial compression machine for cohesion soil Qi Jia qi.jia@ltu.se
Direct simple shear apparatus for particle size up to 8 mm Qi Jia qi.jia@ltu.se
Large scale simple shear apparatus for rock up to 100 m Qi Jia qi.jia@ltu.se
Triaxial apparatus for compression and extension test for particle size up to 15 mm Qi Jia qi.jia@ltu.se
Wet sieving apparatus Qi Jia qi.jia@ltu.se
Dry sieving apparatus Qi Jia qi.jia@ltu.se
Sedimentation apparatus Qi Jia qi.jia@ltu.se
Oven (150 °C) Qi Jia qi.jia@ltu.se
Particle density (pycnometer) Qi Jia qi.jia@ltu.se
Bulk density Qi Jia qi.jia@ltu.se
Dry density Qi Jia qi.jia@ltu.se
Loss of ignition oven (800 °C) Qi Jia qi.jia@ltu.se
Permeameter Ø=5cm and
Ø =10cm
Qi Jia qi.jia@ltu.se